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HAMARU for kids : Brain Games

2.55 usd

[HAMARU: Brain Games & Training]Improve your brain effectively with HAMARU professional brain games.Lets grow the performance of your brain.
We got very good reviews by Japans major app review sites. Here are a few quotes.
AppBank"To see the beautiful visual effects, you calculate the answers to problems. Before you know it, you are improving your mental arithmetic ability. Innovative game that makes it fun to calculate."
iphone-girl"Hamaru is a math game with sparking and bouncy visual effects. Looks like fireworks, very beautiful.""The visual effects feel reaaaally good!! Not only that, it does all kinds of movements so it makes you feel good."
appget"It doesnt feel like a brain-training game. Seems more like a shooting game with many streaks of light. A refreshing series of puzzles. A game that feels unusual."

[HAMARU: Brain Games & Training]Play the best free Brain Games!Innovative Games for Good Brain Health.